Monday, June 14, 2010



I have never thought i would never be something more than a mere beauty.Well,it's not like i appreciate what i have but it's just i wondered if i ever will achieve something other than vast number of suitors who apparently likes me  for my beauty or else wealth.

Oh!i haven't introduced myself to you,i'm sorry.I'm ash the only daughter of the millionarie Mr.Harikishan gupta,i inherit the property of my papa and take after my mama  who is a former beauty queen. It figures out that i'm bestowed with the precious gifts like money,power and beauty.But something is always missing.

Like what if you consider the love of my parents,my parents are always pretty busy with their business that they don't have a full minute to give me a perk.It's like I'm given a bowl of ice cream but only i can't relish the taste of you see what i'm at loss.

My friends were all like "oh!ash you are so lucky."

Okay,may be i have more than enough money or pretty looks but what do i have that shows only me not my legacy.consider a successful career or a boyfriend who sees me for what i am or a loyal friend or the love of my family.See how lucky iam.

People may think what do i ever need of a career when i have enough money that can go on  feeding my great great grandchildren without them doing anything for living,but my point is i need to prove for what i'm sent to earth not just spending my parents money around.They keep pointing me that it's my mistake that i don't have a boyfriend since i'm the one going on rejecting every single person that has ever proposed but do you think i should accept the people who love my money and beauty but not my inner soul?okay.i'm sorry i do have a loyal friend,jyo but cant i get one more?

Now,i'm in for a college and still i haven't figured out what i'm good at to prove my worth of being send to earth.


I thought that my life may after all change. It was a new start and probably a good one since no one here knows about my legacy except for my best friend jyo,but she swears that she wont tell anyone.

The first day of my college is pretty exciting since it was all introductions like to new classmates,teachers and environment.Finally i get to meet whole new bunch of people who may someday like me for what i am.

First year was all like girl chats,bunking college to watch movies,hang out with friends,parties,teasing friends,exams,good scores,giving nicknames to my close buddies,more new novels on fantasy and romance, and eventually rejection of every boy who proposed.

It's like an entire new world with full of colours .Though i'm perfectly contended with my life but still something lacks.

I still can remember that remarkable day when everything started to change in my perfectly secure and happy world.I didn't know of course then that would turn out after all to be good.

It was the day when my best buddy jyo got a boyfriend.

"Ash,i'm coming over to your house.please do not go anywhere."jyo sent this text to my mobile.

It was unusual for her to say something like this.I mean she comes all the time i invite her in but i kind of get this feeling that something was up.

"Hey,jyo,good to see you on a holiday."i embraced her saying it.

"Yeah,me too."she added,"Can we go to somewhere private?"

See obviously something is up.

"So?"i asked sitting on the couch in my room and pulling her in to sit beside me.

"Ummmmm.......Can you come out with me?"she said.

"Where to?Why?"i asked.

"You will know once you reach there and i'm embarassed to tell you but eventually you will figure it out once you go there."jyo said tentatively.

"What do i say mama when she asks me where i'm going?"i asked.

"Oh!tell her you are going to a party at my place."she said lightly.

"Wait up."i said and hurried to get mama through phone.

Now we are in a park.

"Will you tell me now what this all is about?"i asked.

"Hold on a sec."saying so she hurried away.

I sat on near by bench contemplating what was all this about but i could get no head or tail of it.
After a few minutes jyo returned but she was not alone this time.Along with her two boys where coming,one holding her hands and the other was a few feet behind probably listening to an ipod.

Who are these people?and why does jyo even holding hands with him?What i am even doing here?

Ash this is rahul and rahul this is ash.she formally introduced us.

oh!my god my best friend has a boyfriend.Well the story was he is in my college but a senior and he proposed jyo a few months before and jyo kept rejecting him until yesterday.

Guess what?they are on a date here and i'm chaperone to her not that i don't like to do it coz,she was always my crying shoulder.That's how i ended up strolling on the sand on the other side of the lake.There was like a huge distance between me and the love couple but i can pretty clearly see them holding hands.

I probably found all the shells that lie here still there is no sign of them returning back.I sighed and looked at the other boy who is a friend of rahul.

"What are you listening to?"i asked him trying to start up a conversation.

He obviously hasn't heard me over the music because he was not replying me unless he is a over-do.

He is kind of hot.He is tall and has well-built body and pretty face the deep chocolate brown eyes of his seemed to hold anyone who looked at them.

Oh!an excellent smile which he is doing every few minutes like some kind of funny thing is on the ipod.I'm dead he caught me staring at him.

Here comes the couple saving me from any embarassing question that might pop in between us like "What are you staring at?"

"Thanks,ash."jyo said.

"We are friends right?"i said smiling trying to forget my boredom.

He gave her a good bye kiss and she turned all bright red.He completely adores her i knew that from the way he looks at her with love filled eyes.I'm happy for jyo, atleast she has a boyfriend.

Once we got home jyo told all about him his family,his friends,his hobbies,passions,passtimes colour,cuisines,future goals.

jyo's boyfriend:



body stature:well built body,black eyes and a sweet smile


mom:Mrs.geeta rajesh

occupation:business and owns a multiplex(ooooh!)

An elder brother software engineer in us.

friends:many but the guy with the ipod is the closest one and apparently she forgot his name.(Oops!)

hobbies:reading books,chatting with friends.
pastime:listening to music.
cuisines:north indian
all time fav's
actor and actress:brad pitt and jolie
movie:all action movies
food:french fries and dal makhani
aim:business person.

So,this is what they were talking about(may be all the lovers).OMG(oh!my god)that's a lot to keep up.


I am late for my maths hour.Ms.dixit is gonna kill me.What should i say to prevent her wrath?

Should i say fever?she'll be checking my temperature. Traffic?Nah,to early to have any traffic in this area.may be headache is better.

Well that figures i am allowed into the class but on condition that i should solve the twenty problems by tomorrow which is due this weekend and it's only wednesday.

Sneha was running towards us calling our names pratically out of breath.We all looked at her and we were all like "What now?"

"Ash,did you not say that today it's our turn to practise in the auditorium?"she added quickly"Have you asked permission for it?"

"Yes,it's our turn and yes i have asked."i said.

"But..."she added tentatively,"senior boys have settled in and are up with their practise."

"How could they?i mean i am sure it was our turn and i got a letter signed allowing us to practise this day."

"Let's go and find out?" i said.

I was practically screaming at them to get a word over the music but none of them seems to notice.So,i went straight to the music played and turned it off.

Aha!at last they did notice us and were like "What the hell!"only they didn't say it aloud.

"We have got permission to pracitse in the auditorium for this day.I think you should leave and allow us to practise here."i said.

One of the boys coming towards me and said "We have got one to."(showing me a permission letter).

" We got permission first."i added making a point.

"We came first."he added in his deep masculine voice.

I fixed my gaze at the speaker.(ipod guy!!!!)

"Besides we are seniors."someone shouted from the back and the ipod guy hushed him.

"Well,get of your high horse."i said in a sarcastic tone.

There was eventually an uproar from them.

"It's for you to say,"he bowed with smirk and left for practise without a word turning on the music player.

"What's going on children?"our hod said in a deep authoritative tone gazing at all of us.

We gave each side of our story.

"It's not like we are not having enough room for both of you."he said.

That ended up in dividing the auditorium into half.

"You lost one,dude."rahul said.

"What?"the ipod guy asked.

"Ash,i thought you would make out someday but you seriously lost the golden chance."he added.

"Ash,is that the girl?"he asked.

"Yeah,it's like all the boys are over her,she is one beauty."he said.

"Nah!she is so full of herself."he added."i dont think she is that pretty."

Sneha came reporting the conversation that he overheard and jyo was looking apologetically at me.

"I don't care of what they think."i added after a few minutes of thought"who is this raj?"

"The one you happened to talk to."she said pointing to the ipod guy.

"God,he is so mean."i said.

Jyo asked me to stay over until all of them leaves the auditorium so that she can have a word with rahul.I thought of saying no but can i?i mean she is after all my best buddy and she was with me like i nodded.

After everyone has left rahul came over to us.He apolozised for the rudeness of their friends.I said it was ok.I can't blame him for his friends arrogance,right?

While they stood talking to each other.I stood there giving raj an evil eye.

"Ash,rahul says that he wants us to take to the benifit show to the harrypotter-6,so that he can make it up to you."jyo said.

"Oh!it's so nice of him,but it's not his fault to have mean friends."i said.

"Wait,did you say HARRYPOTTER-6?????????"i was all excited.

"Hm!remember multiplex."she added"so you are in?"

"Like i would miss it for anything?"i added gleefully.

"Pick you up at 7,"she said.

I was so excited.These stupid clock is winding so slow.Another hour to go!!!!!

I heard someone ringing the bell.Oh!it's probably some door delivery for laundry or something.It's too early for them to come.

Anna was calling me.(she is my nanny.she is all i have close to a family.she is with me like forever.)

"Honey,someone's here for you?"she said.

Oh!who would be calling upon me now.

"hey,all set?"jyo said giving me a big hug.

"It's only 6."i said looking at the wall clock.

"Just come on,i thought we could grab something before the movie."she said all smiling.

"Hm!good idea.give me a sec."i said and hurried to nana to take my leave.

She gave me a perk and gave me all safety instructions.

"See,what did i say?"she was asking.

Rahul was giving me a smile and opened the door for us to hop into the car.Here was the trouble.Mr.raj is here behind the wheel.

"Why does he always follow him?"i whispered into jyo's ears.

"Can i go anywhere without you or can you go without me?the same with them."she whispered back.

"Fine."i said.

"What were you saying to rahul before?"i asked.

The thing is we had sort of bet you know rahul said that you probably wont be ready since it was like an hour early but i know how big fan you are for harry and i insisted on coming here.Rahul smiled at me.I caught the smile of raj in the mirror.His smile was really alluring.How could such a person with sweet smile be so mean?

Everything went well(Movie was great as usual harry rockzzzzzz.)except for the part where i accidentally placed my hand on raj's and had to apolozise.


What's wrong with me???I mean seriously this hasn't happened to me until now.

Do you know what i mean?Raj,that mean and hot guy was in my dreams.We were both holding hands and he was looking at me the way rahul looks at jyo.Guess what?I'm pratically blushing.

(Ha!as if that could ever happen??)

I was practising my song for the cultural events when raj walked into the auditorium.My friends were all dancing at the other end of the room.He looked at me,got his backpack and before leaving the room he took a step towards me and said with his deep masculine voice "You have a beautiful voice."

"Thanks,"i barely replied before he smiled and walked away.

All the day his voice seemed to be reverberating in my mind.

In the noon jyo sided and me asked"I saw raj talking to you."

"Just saying that i have a beautiful vioce."i said not to show any enthusiasm in my words.

She gave me the look like saying Didn't i say he is a good one.

Few more days passed without any dreams or voices reverberating in my head.

"Honey,call for you."nana shrieked at her top of her voice to be heard over the music.

Since it was a weekend.I'm having capital time by listening to my favorite songs over the music player and watching tom and jerry at once.

"Who?"i asked.

"Jyo,"she said.

"Thanks,nana."i said taking the reciever into my hands.

"hey, are you doing?"i asked.

"Where were you?i have been calling for ages to your mobile."she said.

"Oops!silent."i said.

"Ash,i need your help."she said.

"I'am all yours."i said.

"Can you come to my home and take me out?"she said tentatively.

"Look,you said all that stuff about you being an interruption to your privacy.I understand it,but my mom says that i can't go out.I have no other choice except for you to come in and ask my mom's permission to take me out?"she said.

I considered for a few minutes and said "okay."

That's how i ended up sitting on the sand and picking the shells again.It seems that rahul has some trouble too for getting away from home since raj was sitting beside me with his ipod on.

I sat there silently for a few seconds unable to bear the silence.

"What are you always listening to?"i asked but remembering how last time he didn't answer.I dropped the question.

"Do you wanna hear it?"he asked.

I nodded.He gave me his ipod.

"That's my favourite number."i said.

"Yeah,mine too."he said.

I gave him one earphone and we moved closer since the length of the wire is short.

"What else do you have?"i asked.

He was showing all his favourite ones most of which i liked.

"Top on your list of favourite songs?"i asked.

"I want it that way."he said.

"That's great,mine too."he said.

"Have you learnt classical music?"he asked after a pause.

"Yeah,a few years back."i said and raised an eyebrow questioningly.

"It's just your voice is good and you seem to know where to stress and where not to."he added with a smile.

I don't know why it happens but everytime i see him smile my stomach twists.It's not like something bad it's just a weird feeling.

We talked a lot about music.It seems that he knows a lot more about music than anyone in the world.

"Thanks,for the help."rahul said.

"Don't say are my friend,right?"i said.

"I should thank you for giving me a good friend like raj."i added.

Why did i say that?Do i really think him as my friend?or was i just being polite?Either way i'm nuts.They dropped us at jyo's home.

"Good friend?"rahul enquired.

"I seemed to be wrong about her,she is a good girl."he added,"we had a good chat about music back there."

"Good friend?good girl?nice improvement."he mocked.


Why do i keep seeing him in my dreams?Only it was worse yesterday.I was in his arms and he was singing me a love song.(love song?really i'm nutssss)

With cultural event in two days.All the campus was busy with the arrangements.Our hod announced that there is a screening in the noon session.I had a good chance of seeing raj's dance.It was a love song sequence.He really did well.

"You were pretty good back there."i said.

"Thanks,"he said.

I smiled and left.Later committees were organized and leaders were assigned to preside over each committe.luckily or unluckily me and raj got into cultural committe,jyo and rahul to registeration commitee.

The two days had gone by easily,What with everyone burdened with loads of work.We were preparing a time chart.We were having capital time discussing about school gossips When i was called by my professor to hand-out me a notes that has some changes in it.When i returned back all of raj's friends were like "What's up between u and ash?"

"Nothing,we were just talking."he said curtly.

"Oh!born enemies turns out to be friends next what lovers?"they said.

"There is nothing between us.get out of here."he said.

"Oh!he wants us to be out of their way so that he can be alone with her."one of them said.

"You know what.what you said is why dont you leave us alone?"he said so hrashly.

That's when i coughed to show my entrance.They all left immediately.I sat silently not wanting to talk to him anymore how can he say that to his friends.Past few days i thought him to be a really nice guy,But when i was ever wrong.

"What are you thinking?you are so lost in thoughts."he said looking at me.

I blurted out all that i was thinking aloud.He didn't even apolozise for what he did even after me getting mad over it.

Fine.If he cant even apolozise for his mistakes what kind of man was he?

"I was wrong about you."i said that and left him with revised time table.

"Ash,i need to talk to you."raj cornored me during the vote of thanks.
"There's nothing to talk,I have been completely blind to your follies.I was right at first.You are mean and prejudiced.What do you think if a girl talks to you,then you can assume that she loves you."i said and started to leave pulling away from his grip.
"No,you cannot leave without me explaining to you," he said tightening his grip on my hands.
It's hard to stay angry when he is so close to me.Suppose,if some role model looking so god like is so close would you take eyes away from him or supposedly speak something to him.That's what it is when i stay near to him.Anyway i yanked from his grip and ran into the sea of parents and then to my car that is awaiting outside.
That night i had yet another dream of raj,standing so tall and handsome with his alluring smile on his face and calling my name in his sweet enchanting voice.
"Ash,hon,wake up."nana's voice brought me from that wonderland to the real world.
"Oh!nana remember today is a holiday.let me sleep."i said sleepily.
"I remember well."she pulled my covers and added,"your mama and papa are back from their bussiness trip."
I ran the flight of stairs two steps at a time calling papa.Eventhough i have very few precious moments with my parents.i hardly can't wait for those moments
"hey,honey."my mom said planting me a kiss on the forehead .
"Since when did you become a sleeping beauty?"my papa said embracing me in a bear hug.
"Had a long and tiresome day."i said winking.
"We have a good news for you."my mama said enlightned.
"We are extending our bussiness to Delhi now."mom said.
"Oh!that's great."i said all surprised and happy but inside i was like that means you will be more away from me than usual.
"Ash,call for you."nana said.
Oh!thanks it could have never have worked that me pretending to be happy for so long.Mama was so good at knowing my moods.
"Hey,Ash."a soft voice called from the other end.
"Hey!jyo,"i added "What's up?"
"When did you leave yesterday?"she said more like demanding.
"Oh!i felt too tired so i left."i said(OMG!can anyone lie as stupidly as me.No doubt i'm going to get caught.)
"Honey!there's a party to night.Invite your friends."mama called.
"Oh!Is that your mama?Are they back?"she asked.
Good the subject is dropped.
"Yeah!hey jyo we are having a party to night,you should come."i said.
"I will be there,so they are having another branch in other city or what?"she asked.
"You know i sort of ignore my parents bussiness deals."i said.
"Okay,i gotta go."i said and put the reciever down before she brings the subject again.
Mama and papa were busy inviting guests.I happened to invite some of friends from college.I helped mama to select the menu for evening and presiding over the decor.
Day rolled soon into night and guests started arriving.Jyo was the first to arrive,We went up to my room and started dressing up each other.
"Ash,look at you,you look like a fairy princess."she said.
"And you...look like fairy princess best friend."i added,"you look gorgeous in blue."
"Wish rahul could see me now."she added with a sigh.
"Oh!he will."i said.
"What?"she asked.
"Oh!nothing i have a surprise for you."i said and hurried her into the party ground.
"Stay,right here i'll get you something."i said.
"I'll come with you."jyo said.
"Nah!just stay us a seat.ok?"i said.
"Surprise."i said and then rahul came into view.
Jyo was excited,she hugged him and thank god everyone is so immersed in the party that none of them noticed us.
"Thanks,ash."she said.
"no-problem."i said.
We sat around the table and jyo said me all that i have missed yesterday and rahul was just holding her hands and nodding at her.I doubt if he even hears what she says he was just staring at her with complete adornment.Oh!god when am i going to be lucky enough like jyo.when??????
"Ash,mama wants you?"nana said
"Be right back."i said and hurried after nana.
"Hey,ash."my papa said,"Meet Mr.Sharma."
He is tall guy and pretty features probably could have looked great in his young age but something about him was so familiar.I couldn't point it.
"It's a pleasure meeting you,sir."i said.
"You have a fine young lady for your daughter."Mr.sharma said.My parents reflected with pride.
Mama says ettiquette is everything for a girl of my status and social background.
"He is my partner in the business that i'm going to setup in delhi,He is moving his family there to handle the business."he said.
"His kid is going to stay here with us so that he can complete his studies."papa added silently and looked at me to see how i would react to it.
Seriously i dont have a problem to share my house.It's so big the rooms in our home are far more than my family and all the staff members put together.And moreover i pretty bored for having only nana all the time with me i need someone for a change.(It's not like i hate nana but what if you are hooked up with a single person your whole life.
See you got it?)After all this person may be a girl of my age.We can dress up each other and have long chat at night.
That's when my dreams completely collapsed.
"Here is my son,raj."Mr.sharma said.
At the very mention of the name.Something striked across my heart.(Oh!god let it not be him).I slowly raised my head to look at Mr.sharma's son.I'm facing his back.He is talking to my parents and they are apparently impressed by him.
Papa said something about me and pointed in my direction.
Why are the things always complicated with me.Rajjjjjjjjjjjjj is going to stay with me at my home.What a curious turn of events??
"Papa,i need to talk to you."i said.They were packing to catch the next flight to london.
"What is it,hon?"he asked.
"You better hurry up,hari"mama said.
"Yes,darling in a minute."he said.
"bon voyage."i said and left.

I can't tell them what happened between us it's too embarassed to talk about one's love life with their parents.(OMG!did i just say love?no that is not what it is?)
"hon,i have something to ask from you."papa said.
"Mr.sharma says that raj is hesistant to come here and he is thinking of joining in a hostel,but i talked him out of that thing.You know if it weren't for Mr.sharma,we couldn't have setup a business at delhi.It's the least we can do for him."he sighed.
"I will be good to him and make him feel home.Isn't that what you want?"i said with encouraging smile.
"If it weren't for our bussiness deal,raj could have been with his parents."mama added.
(OMG!what passionate fellows my parents are.I like them a lot.SO,what fellows what I learnt from this whole scene.My parents can be very loving but they don't have time for it.)
"I'll do my best."i said.
"I need to talk to you,meet me in the auditorium at lunch hour."rahul whispered to me while i'm on my way to class.I thought it was a message that was meant to be passed to,i said to her.but she it was to her only.What could he probably talk to me?May be he wants to say thanks for the party thing?but he has already said it like thousand timesnch hour."rahul whispered to me while i'm on my way to class.I thought it was a message that was meant to be passed to,i said to her.but she it was to her only.What could he probably talk to me?May be he wants to say thanks for the party thing?but he has already said it like thousand times and i warned him that if he says one more time i wouldn't be his friend.
"How was your day?"rahul asked me and smiled at jyo who was standing right next to me.
(MY eyes automatically searched for raj,he is nowhere to be seen.I dont care if he is here or not,but where is he?)
"Ash,i know it's not good for me to intrude into your personal life,but i have to do it for my friends sake."he said.
"You know the fact that most of the senior boys like you when they saw you and raj pretty close they thought you two were going out and they asked him the same but he tried to convince them that there is nothing between you.He was so vexed that he lost his temper by their jeers and he said you were with him so that they could leave him by.
"Oh!Were you defending him now?"i asked.
"He is really a nice guy,since that he is been really sorry for what he has done."jyo said.
"If it is so,why didn't he tell this to me himself?"i asked.
"Oh!like you given him a chance to apolozise."jyo snapped.
"He really thinks he lost a good friend."rahul added.
"He thought if he stays at your home you will be pissed off,so he even talked out of his father from sending him there."jyo said.
"Thanks for backing me up,guys but it is my problem."raj said entering into the auditorium.
I started walking out but he was fast to grasp my hands again.I lost my footing with this sudden action and fell but he was quick he stopped me from falling by catching me by the waist.Suddenly i felt dizzy(It's not like i'm sick but you will understand when
you are in my place).I regained my concious fast enough and straightened myself up.
"Will you give me few seconds to say atleast sorry."he asked looking straight into my eyes.I couldn't avert my eyes from him.
"You already said."i whispered.
"What?"he asked now apparently losing his temper.
"Nothing."i said.
"I'm really sorry.I didn't mean to hurt your feelings which are more important to me.Could you give me another chance to prove my loyalty towards our relationship."he said(He values my feelings.Can you believe that?And what does he mean by relationship?was it love?no it can't be why am i thinking like this)
"When are you planning to come home?"i asked.
"Does that mean you forgive me?"he asked enlightened.
"I here say,declare that mr.raj will be for given all his mistakes and given another chance to prove his loyalty."i said(He bowed playing his part and we all left to our classrooms feeling happy.)
I invited in jyo for the night as i suspected rahul will be coming for helping raj to settle down.I guess i was right.Nana chose the master bedroom down the hallway just the one below my room.I pointed that mama says that those rooms are only for official visitors and that she might not be impressed if we put him in this rooms.After a few minutes of thought she send someone to cleanup the room right next to mine.
Nana was obviously worried about something,her face usually serene and calm but today..apparently something.I asked her many a times but she just ignored my
question.I need to find out what it was.There is only one way to find it.I called the head cook the only close friend nana has in the household workers.
"What's bothering nana?I have never seen her like that."i asked.
"It's nothing madam,she is fine."she said.(Except for nana everyone calls me madam eventhough i insisted on calling by my name)
"I know there is a reason for it and i demand an answer right now."i demanded.I learnt this unique skill from my mama.She can make anyone do her biding,if she wishes for it.)
Nana's mother is hospitalized and apparently there is no hope.I know why nana is feeling so out of herself.She wants to be with her mom in her last few hours and i can't deny of her this.She must go.I said so to her but she was all like I can't leave you all alone you need me besides your parents are far away to come now.
"Nana,i'm not a kid anymore i can take care of myself.It's not time for any argument you should be beside your mother,maybe that's all she wishes for right now and i promise if i have any need i'll call you then you can come.okay?"i said deeply passionate for her.
She nodded.I gave her all my savings which she denied.
"Nana,it's not for you.I'm giving it to my grandmother for her medicinal support.I'll ask mr.suresh to drop you at the station."i said with an air of authority.
"It was as if yesterday that you are walking taking my arms as support."she said dreamily and embraced me kissed on my both cheeks and left.
"Way to go,ash."rahul said.
"Hey,when did you come?"i asked.
"When you are showing your trueself."raj said smiling that was enough to tell how impressed he was by me.
"Well,don't embarass me."i added,"Let me show you to your room."
"Rahul,i need to have a word with raj."i said and showed him into the room.
"come with me."i said.
"It's your room?"he asked.
"DO you like it?"i asked sheepishly when i saw him looking at my picture that is hung over the wall back of my bed.
"You look beautiful."he whispered.
"What?"i asked.
"Well decorated."he said.
"Why did you bring me here?"he added."apparently you were not talking."
"Let me show you something then."i said.
My room has a small balcony where i have a good view of the garden and the pool right behind it.Same way raj's room has balcony too.There's a small gap between the two balconies enough to jump into the other.When my cousin ria stayed we were not allowed to stay late at night,so she used to sneak into my room to play.
"Be careful."raj warned.
"Shhh!"i hissed.I extended my hands to help him jump,he raised his eyebrows and brushed my hand aside.
"What now?"he whispered.
We sneaked into the room.Rahul was holding jyo's hands and he placed his arms around her shoulders while jyo was resting on his chest,now he looked into her eyes.
"He will kiss her know."i whispered to raj.He raised his eyebrows questioningly.
Rahul did kiss her and raj was all like "how did you know?"
"Lot's of research in romance novels."i said.
"Oh!"he said.
Then he mimicked "Rahul,what are you doing?"
Rahul startled and was looking in all directions frantically.We burst into laughter that's when rahul came after us.We ran through the entire corridor still unable to contain laughter.I sat down in the sofa breathless raj sat after me when rahul came and was kicking raj when raj accidentally fell into my laps.There was sudden tension in the air rahul backed up at once.Raj looked straight into my eyes and i returned his gaze,the brief tension in the air is gone by our calling to supper.
We sat silent while we are eating.Jyo wanting to break up the tension said there is a horror movie today on starmovies.We sat in my room so that the workers dont get disturbed with their sleep.
Most of the movie i was hiding at the back of raj or holding his hands.
"Do you really think the people whose wishes have not come true will turn into devils?i asked.
"May be,i don't know."raj said.
"Then i'm sure to become a ghost."i said.
"Why?do you have any wishes that are not fulfilled."he asked.
"Oh!many."i said.
"Tell me."he said.
"You shouldn't laugh when i say."i said.
"No,i won't"he said.
"I wanted to go on a bike ride that too in max speed not just any time only when the sky is fully clouded and cool breezes tug your hair when your riding and then should get completely drenched."i said and looked at him to see any sign of smirk but his face was completely pleasant.
"Another one?"he asked.
"I have to throw a party but not the parties we have now but sort of old fashioned like all balls and gowns."i said.
"It's truely romantic."he added,"another one."
"It's enought for now."i said not wanting him to say another word about romance.
"Tell me,please."he pleased.
"Not now."i said then we turned our attention to watching the movie.
Yet another dream this time he is holding me close to his heart and whispering gently when i am sleeping.What's all this about?When did i sleep?I didn't remember seeing the climax of the movie.
"Hey,What's up?"I asked looking all the three dressed up.
"Hey,sleeping beauty."raj said with a bright smile.
"Remember it's a weekend?"jyo said.
"Soooo......?i asked questioningly.
"No more questions go get ready,"raj urged.
While i am getting dressed jyo said that raj has got permission from my parents and he asked the workers to retire from work after we leave so that i dont have to worry.But when i asked where we are going.
"Seriously,ash.If i know i could have told you,"she added,"boys are pretty serious about this surprise."
Have i ever mentioned about raj's car.I guess not it's a swift(red).

"Hey,where are we going?"i whispered,"i can keep a secret."

"Funny,"he smiled at me.

I started humming and scribbling into my book.Raj looked at me dubiously and asked "Hey,what's that book i saw you scribbling into that book seriously many times."

I hid it away from his gaze."It's nothing."


"May be it's a personal dairy."rahul said looking at jyo questioningly.

"I don't know,she keeps that to herself."she said.

After a few hours of journey we came to halt at a thick grove of trees and a small path for walkers.Anyone could easily ignore it,since i thought the same until raj shoved off the branches.

"Where now?"i asked.

They continued simply ignoring my question.

"You are kidnapping us?"i said slyly.

"Oh!it's just a few minutes."raj shoved me ahead.

All of a sudden raj's hands blocked the view infront of us.I can only smell his scent even more than any time.It's a mixture of all my favourite cologne.I was so immersed in the scent that i barely noticed we were moving forward.I stumbled into a rock when raj heaved me with his strong hands and pulling me even closer.

"Here we are,"they echoed.

Jyo was all excited by seeing something apparently but my heart was still craving for his scent once more but i managed to pull away from that thoughts.

"It's a boat house."i shrieked with joy.

"Come on."raj helped in getting through the ladder that is between the land and the house.

Though the boat house is so small it's well furnished.A bed room with a double cot bed and two small wooden chairs.The decor is all in white and black.Another room for cooking and then a small cabin to sail it.

"Awesome,"i exclaimed.

"Wait until you get to the real part of this day."raj added.

"Is there more?"jyo added,"I can't wait."

We set to sail at once.I went to the cabin to help raj sail this thing but actually i meant to give privacy to them.

"How do we sail this thing?"

"It's easy."

"Well,teach me then."i said.

He was showing all the controls when a sudden gust of wind brought all that scent i have been craving for.I completely lost what he said.

"It's really a complex thing,you are a good sailor."i said trying to give him credit so that i wouldn't get caught of not listening to a single word of what he said.

"There it is."he pointed at something.

I squinted my eyes to look at the direction he pointed.(OMG!It's a waterfall).As we approached close to it.It sprinkled tiny drops of water.Raj stopped the boat and looked at me smiling.In my excitement of seeing waterfalls that are always on my wish list i embraced him.I could feel the tension building around us but it was way better like this so i pretended that nothing is wrong.He hesistantly placed his arms around my waist,and then tightened when i moved close.That was my first real show of my affection to him.(Guess what?to my embarassment jyo and rahul were watching all this little display of our love).

"I think waterfalls are far more better than here."she said clearing her throat to get our attention.

"Oh!yeah."raj said suddenly pulling away from me.

"First things first."raj said.

"What now?"i asked.

"Something to eat."

"We can eat later,I'm barely able to stand here.Let's get down first."

"No,i promised your mom to take good care of you,you have to eat something then i promise we can stay as much time as you want."

It took us a while to unpack and eat.

"Let's go," i said impatiently.

As we moved close to the waterfall the sprinkle of water became more,the rocks are completely covered with moss mixed with a faint smell of the wet ground.It got me more excited and i rushed into the heavy downpour.A small pool was created by the stagnated water.It's so pure that i can see the green mat that is covered below the water.I was completely immersed in the scenic beauty that i was completely caught off gaurd when i saw raj coming towards me fully drenched and looking hot.I raised my arm to touch him to know that i'm not in any dream,that was really a bad mistake i have ever made.the slippery moss that held me until then gave away under my feet and suddenly i was in his arms once again but know i'm on top of him.

I closed my eyes as if to regain conscious but actually i was taking in his scent now more exuberant than ever.Jyo thought i fainted and came over fussing about my diet.I played my part well to prevent any awkward explanations that i might have to give.

Raj was so worried about my health that he sat beside calmly all the time i was playing with the water by sitting on the stones.Raj promised to bring me back if i left early and eat as much food as i can when i got back to the boat house.

I began to sneeze when i got back into the boat.Raj urged me to get into dry clothes first i began to shiver uncontrollably because i have never stayed such long time in water.

He sat beside me and rubbing my hands to generate heat(Doesn't he know that a simple touch of his generates enormous amount of heat.boyss....I think their brains are filled with sea weed).


I leaned on to raj's shoulders and he was singing a lullaby gently to me.playing with my curls gently.I shifted close to him still deep in sleep and he kissed my forehead and continued to whisper again.

These dreams are making me crazy.Why do they keep coming like that and they feel so real to me.I have to talk to someone.but who??

"good morning."jyo wished.

She is the right girl i thought and said her about my dreams.She laughed

"I don't know about others but the one you got today is real."she said.

"What?"i stammered.

"It's not a dream it happened."

"It can't,raj lulling me like that no way."i screamed.

"Seriously ash,are you so blind to see a man's affection to you?Why do you think he took us to this little picnic coz i said that waterfalls is top one on your priority wishlist."

"Really?did you say to him."

"Yes and don't say that you don't know this until now."

"NO,i really didn't."

"I guess your blind then."

"By the way i know that you love him too."she added.

I lost my temper completely when she uttered the last words.

"There is nothing between as you see.We are just good friends."i shouted.

"Oh!really"she added with a smug look on her face.

"Rahul is dropping me home.I need to get assignment that is due today." she said.

"See you,"i said dropping the conversation.

"I will drop you in my car."raj said after breakfast.

It's just a ride to college.nothing more I thought and accepted.

College was a disaster today.When raj and i walked through parking lot everyone stared at us as if we are putting up a show.My buddies were all like raj and ash are making out when i said there is nothing between us they all cooed.Jyo was always giving me the look see i said so.

It got even worse when raj showed up at lunch hour in our classroom to say that he will pick me up at 4.30 by the parking lot.It's not usual to have seniors in our class they come by only to bully us so it was like we are really making out.

I was working with my project when there is a knock on the door.

"You left it in my car,"raj said revealing a book under his hands.

I quickly snatched it away from his hands and thanked him.He smiled at me.You didn't see the book did you?i shrieked.Until now it's my deepest secret and now it's revealed and of all to raj.

"I'm sorry."he stammered for words.

"It's ok."i dismissed not wanting to show how possessive i'm our this book.

"You really write well.At first i thought it's just a collection of your favourite one's but i knew better."he said.

"Thanks,"i said embarassed.

Tell me why?

eyes seek you all the time

tell me why?

he was whispering words.This one was my favourite too and i wrote it partially because of him.I sang it with him and i'm so lost that i didn't notice that he was back and playing guitar that sinks with my song rythm.When it ended he was practically laughing.

"I have been searching for a good singer all these days and look at me how blind could i ever be."he said.

"Will you be a singer in my musical band?"he added.

"Me.I'm no good at singing."


"Well.."i stammered.

"Oh!come on anyone can see that you have a beautiful voice."he pleaded.

"hm!okay."i said after a few minutes of thought.

"thanks."he kissed my hands and left my room humming.

Did he really kiss me on my forehead last night or was it just a dream same as now but that couldn't be jyo said so.May be jyo was just teasing me.


"Ash,there is an audition for singers and instrument players in the auditorium at 5."sneha was going about the details.When raj interrupted her to have a word with me.

"You need to help me choose the best people for our band.Is it okay with you."he said.(Did he say our band that is good)

"Yeah,sure i'll be there."i said.

Posters were attached they are quite colorful and catch to the eye.How could he have done this all in a day?May a workaholic i thought.

Most of the auditorium is filled.Half my classmates are here.I saw jyo helping rahul to organize the list of auditing people.I searched frantically for raj.There he is standing in the middle of the dias all hero like.

"Hey,need a hand?"i said.

"Where were you?Let's just start the audition."he said.

He announced that and one after the other each one came to the dias and began to play or sing.It is really a tiresome job but i really like helping raj.Most of the people are good but not upto mark.It's 7.30 when the final list of the selected candidates was prepared.We announced that it would be stuck to the notice board by tomorrow morning.I slumped into the chair jyo sat beside me feeling all exhausted.

"Let's grab something to eat."rahul said.

"You go on.I'll be there in a few minutes."raj said.

"What now?"rahul asked but left without a word with jyo in trail.

I sat beside raj and gingerly put my hands into his and squeezed it.He stared into my eyes.I stared at him back he touched my cheeks and was rubbing it gently.I moved a little bit closer that's when i figured what i was about to do.I jerked away from him.

"Let's go,"i said.

He raised from his chair confused of my reactions.We walked silently into the parking lot.

We stopped at pizza corner and eat heartily but all the time raj was unnaturally silent.

Next day everyone was like please let me into your band.I smiled and politely replied that i cant do anything now.Two of my class boys are in the finalized list.karan and arun.We are having a meeting with all the selected participants on monday evening.

The other days have gone pretty quickly but our teachers were brutal they loaded us with lots of work for this weekend.I wish i could run a college where there will be no work,no exams and no projects.I invited jyo to stay over on saturday

It took me whole sunday to finish my work and raj has been quiet since the day from the auditorium except for that he is dropping me and picking me up everyday from college and the few formal greetings that we have there is not a word more.

I watched a horror movie on my tv after finishing thorough my assignments and drifted to sleep somewhere between the movie.

I was running through a dark passage and then a dark hooded figure appeared and caught me by the arm and was yanking me to a graveyard.That's when i started shrieking out loudly.I felt a hand on my shoulder and i am out of the nightmare looking into a calm figure towering over my bed.I clutched his arm frantically like i used to hug my teddy.He sat by me and gave me some water to drink.I drank it in a single gulp and curled into a ball in my bed still holding onto his hands.

In the morning when i woke up raj was beside my bed sleeping in a couch.He looked almost like an angel,so quiet and deep in sleep.I walked over to him i felt the urge of pressing my lips over his forehead.(Is it alright to have feelings like this?What am i thinking?I have gone mad)By the time i got dressed up he was gone from my room.

I looked forward to the meeting that we are going to have after our class hours.Every second seemed to be almost like an hour.As soon as the last hour has finished i hurried into the hallway.


"What now?i thought and turned to see our principal gesturing me to follow him.Can't he wait?What does he want now?Guess what there is an inter college competition for talented and i'm to be the organizer for it in my college.It took him a whole hour to explain me what all i should do and what are the various competitions listed.I was dumb ear to him my mind was at auditorium.What are they doing?Was raj there?did he notice me missing?Will he be angry at me for being late?At last our principal sighed indicating that he was done talking.

I thanked him for trusting me on this work and i assured him that we'll win whatever the competitions were.I asked him for a broucher to fill in me with details.

"Hey,I'm sorry."i said to no one in particular since everyone were busy with their instruments.

Raj noticed me coming and he turned away from me and he said "Now."

Was he angry with me?Why didn't he even talk to me?At the same moment there was a roll of drums and slowly music began to glide in the air and then a familiar crispy voice began singing

Tell me why?

eyes seek you

Tell me y?

stammer words...

That's my song...Oh!god he really thinks it's a good one the other day i just thought he was being nice to me.He was gazing at me singing and playing the guitar.He was like a rock star.I was just staring at him looking so tall, handsome and perfectly cool.The huge applause brought me back from raj's world.He practically ran towards me.

"What do you think?"he said smiling.

"It's awesome.You are great all in an hour?"i asked amazed.

"They are really good.It just took them a few minutes to get the tune."he said.


"Those lyrics did you write them?"someone shouted at us.

"Nope.It's not me."raj said.

"It's ash she even sings well."raj added with a proud look.

There were gasps.See they didn't expect me to be someone else rather than a barbie and i surprised them all.(Everyone except for jyo.She kind of guessed that a long time ago).

"I knew it,"karan added,"they are really good."

"Thanks,"i said embarassed.

"Heart am i blind to the volcano of passion?Those are my favourite lines."he said.(Though karan is always my lab partner.We never spoke much except for the subject matter.)

"Now,let's discuss the matter at hand?"raj said.

"We need to find a place for our practise.We can't have the auditorium for ourselves everyday.The drama club and dance club are having similar hours of practise session here."he said.

Everyone was in deep thought.

"I know a place.I'll take you there tomorrow."i said.

"I guess the problem is solved?"karan asked winking at me.

No,there is one more."he said.

"We need to name our band."he said.We all thought for a second."hardy boys"someone shouted.

"Nah.."raj said.

"pop kings."


"bad guys."


"rock n rolla."


" wild crackers,"i said.

"Vote,"karan said.

"That's nice since we all are crazy for bringing it on."raj said.

"vote."raj added.

So our band name is wild crackers.Raj was still being silent.What's the problem with him?Does he want to avoid me?May be he guessed the feelings i am having for him?What am i thinking what feelings do i have for him.Some part of me answered love.No,it wasn't i shoved that word aside.It can't be.


Fine if he gives me the silent treatment.He is all welcome.What does he think of himself?if he won't talk then why should i?may be i should ask what's troubling him.After all i promised mama and papa that i would make him feel home.

"Hey,good morning."i said all smiling.

"Good morning,"he said.

"What's your problem?why don't you talk to me?"i asked.

"Problem?i'm fine and aren't i speaking to you now?"he asked.

"Oh!please,"i said.

"I'm not having any problem ash,"he said.

This time i got frustrated and shouted that he wasn't speaking to me the way he did before.He suddenly flinched from touching my shoulders to console.I broke down suddenly into tears he doesn't like me the way i like him that's why he was keeping away.Now,i understand it all.My face would have betrayed my feelings to him.I wasn't a cry baby type at all but something of him made me like this.

He lowered on to his knees in front of me.Raised my chin to meet my gaze but the eyes were still watery from crying.

"I'm sorry,I have different feelings from that you have so i thought it better to keep away from you."he started

(Oh!i know it please don't say it i thought)

"The thing is when you flinched away from me in the auditorium that day,I knew that you don't like me the way i like you.I'm really sorry for making you miserable.I can't stand seeing you like this."He caressed me and left me to think over.

What did he say?He thinks that i don't like him the way he likes me.What does that mean?As I realized how prejudiced we both were.I ran after him.He was standing by the car lost in thoughts obviously troubled one's.What should i say now?I was considering it in my mind.When he saw me and without a word he embraced me in a bear hug and was crying

I LOVE YOU.......

Has there anything been so romantic.I mean i have read romance novels but this is different from reading i have experienced it.When Raj was holding me tight in his shoulders and was saying That three words i have ever dreamt of listening from him.I kissed him on his both cheeks and whispered


You should have seen his face then it's worth than anything in the world.He lifted me off the ground and was spinning me around.I cried with laughter.

Jyo was eying me all the time ready to pounce on me with questions as to what has caused this happiness.I tried to ignore her but remember it's jyo she wouldn't give up easily.

"What's up?"jyo asked me.

"Oh!nothing."i replied keeping my eyes down.

Rahul saved me from any further interrogations from her.He said that he needs to have a word with her and so she stomped away from the class irritated since she didn't get a chance to get the answers out of my mouth.

After the class hours everyone of our band members have gathered near parking lot looking towards us.

"What are they doing here?"i whispered to jyo.

"Hm!don't you remember you said that you will show us a place to practise."she said frustrated.

"Let's go,"i said.

"hey,don't say that we need to practise at your home."rahul said.

"Yeah!it's not a good idea."raj said.

"It's not my home,keep in driving."i said.

I asked raj to stop at our home.I assured him that i don't want to have any disturbance in home so i asked them to follow me into the backyard.Jyo's face lit up she might have guessed where i'm taking them.

"Oh!ash that is really a wonderful place to practise."she said.

"Am i missing something?"raj whispered.

I winked at him and gestured him to follow.We passed by a garden of roses and then some crotons and then a small pool with a small bridge over it.Everyone were really impressed by the garden of course who wouldn't be?There's a small house on the other side of the pool.It's actually hut.It used to be my doll house where i and jyo used to play back when we were kids.Don't you know better to imagine when you know the size of my home.So,it's not a doll house that can fit only two eight year childs,we can rather call it as a guest house with only one room.

Doll's were piled at the corner and room is cleaned and some extra furniture is placed as i have told them to do.Oh!do i have to tell them everything My pictures of childhood were hung across the round walls.Right from the age 1 to 13 every pic is here.Even jyo's pictures were there too when we were playing in the pool and riding the toy horse.The one's were me and jyo are completely covered with paint and holding two sheets of our own sketches.Everyone were staring at the pictures.

"Hm!let's get down to work."i said cutting their attention from the pictures.

We practised an hour.Rahul is really good with drums,jyo was as usual good with her piano,karan is really amazing with bass i haven't expected it.arun was using raj's guitar.Raj was playing lead guitar,two girls for vocal and two boys for vocal.And i'm gonna be the lead singer along with raj.Each one of them took leave after having the snacks that u ordered for them.karan winked me goodbye and borrowed my lab notes before leaving.Raj and rahul were in deep conversation.

"So,you aren't gonna spill the beans?"jyo said.

"What?"i said and remembered what she was talking about.

"No one's gonna back up you."she said eying raj.
Raj slided beside me and took my hands into his in a casual way.I jerked away from him.Jyo started laughing.
"Ash,seriously don't you think i know that,"she said eying me n raj.
"Finally you found your mr.perfect."jyo said smiling.
"And you found your miss.perfect,"rahul added.


"Hey,"karan said sliding in beside me.


"Do you write often?"he asked tentatively.

"I'm sorry."

"Do you write often poems?"


"You are really good you know.I always thought that you have a passionate heart behind those curtains of stubborness."he added.


Was he really telling the truth or just flattering me like all the boys do.I looked into his deep blue eyes they are filled with honesty.

"Your doll house hasn't changed a bit from the past."he whispered.


"It is same as the way it was a few years back,not much change for except that your dolls are put aside but your teddy is gone.I remember you always clutching that teddy dearly though you have lots of toys you never put that teddy aside."

How did he know about my teddy?Who is he?I'm sure no one has ever visited my home before let alone my doll house.It was a private place for me and jyo.i was wondering about the possibilities of seeing him before?

"I thought i would never see you but when i saw you here with me in the same college.I went mad with happy.I never had such a good friend like you in all my life time."he continued.

I was really trying hard to remember when suddenly pisture of a boy holding a dog hovered into my mind.

"teddy,"i shrieked with happiness.

Everyone of our classmates were busy doing their lab experiments that they hardly noticed anything.

"You remember my name?"he asked suddenly his face lit up.

"Of course,you idiot how can i ever forget you."i said.

"I thought you would think i am playing a prank if i revealed myself to you and worst of all you wouldn't even remember me which i couldn't even bare to think of but when i saw our photo hanging on the wall yesterday i thought i should give it a try."he explained.

"Really,you are...."

"I'm sorry.I didn't know that you would remember me since that was long time ago and very short span together."

"Short but sweet."

That's when our lab assistant gave us the evil eye so we let the conversation drop.Though i'm bursting to talk with him.

"Don't tell jyo we will give her a surprise."i said to karan.

I waited patiently until the practise session is over and everyone left.Karan was still lingering behind.

"Jyo,do you remember this guy i showed the picture (where me and jyo are patting a dog and fair skinned boy is catching the collar of the dog.)"

"Of course,i remember teddy well he is really a good addition to our team but why do you ask about him all of a sudden?"

I smiled and called teddy in a loud voice then karan walked towards us all smiling.Jyo was staring at me.I winked at her.

Karan is our manager's son.He used to come to my house whenever it's holiday.Karan's mom expired giving birth to him.When mom knew about this she asked our manager to bring the kid home whenever there is a holiday so he wouldn't be all alone in home since he was of the same age we became friends pretty fast.He used to have a dog then snoopy that dog was the first real pet i had(Though technically it is karan's).

Everything went well.Until one day when snoopy ruined a party that was held in my home and since then karan's father hasn't brought karan or the dog back home.I always missed him so much.

I told jyo every minute detail of the conversation we had in the lab session.She was happy that at last we found our long last friend.

"Why didn't you come back?"jyo demanded.

"Papa that it was all my fault that the party ruined so he wouldn't let me come back.He thought bringing me back is risking his job."

"Anyway i moved to a residential shortly after that."karan added.

"What happened to the dog?"i asked.

"I had to leave him at home since the residential wouldn't allow a pet.One day it broke free from the home and met with an accident."he sighed.

Tears swelled up in my eyes.Teddy gently squeezed my hands.I blinked back the tears.That dog was an adorable creature. I always wished that i had a dog like that.

"How is your papa.He left the job without a word I always thought of asking him about you."i said.

"He established a small business when he inherited the property of our grandparents.He is doing well now."he said.

Raj and rahul were busy discussing.karan took leave of us.Rahul said he need to finish an assignment so jyo left early.

We sat in the garden holding hands.

"You said you had some wishes that are not fulfilled.What are they?"he asked.

"Oh!they are funny just ignore it."

He looked intently and smiled.

"May be some other time.I really have some work to do."i said.

Snoopy was running through the traffic bewildered.It is trying to get to the other side when suddenly a motor bike hits it hard and run's over it.It was lying in the bloodshed howling with pain and then after a few second's the body falls limp.I shrieked with horror.Raj came running into my room.The memory was still fresh in my mind.I was sobbing uncontrollably.

"Snoopy is dead."i mumbled the words over and over.

Raj hushed me and sat beside me.I calmed down when reality turned on me.I dozed into sleep sometime after that when i woke up raj was beside me and his hands were over my shoulders.

It's a good thing that only nana used to stay inside the house while all other workers stayed in the quarters at the back of the house.If they were to see raj and me like this it would be really bad.


Miss dixit must be really mad.How can she conduct a test without even announcing us earlier.I did attempt only 3 questions if it weren't for her sudden test i could have written all the five questions.Everyone seemed to agree with me since none of us did well in the exam.

I have lots of work to do.I need to ask jyo and teddy to assist me in organizing the inter college competition and i have to announce and collect the participant's list.I asked teddy to come over to my place earlier today. Our practise sessions for today is cancelled as some members of the band have other works to do.

While raj and rahul were busy preparing their test we sat together and designed posters for advertising about the competition.We put an hour's work on the poster.

"hey,"raj sounded tired.

Rahul was staggering at the back.

I ordered some snacks and drinks for us.Everyone seemed to be lost in their own thoughts.

"hey.let's play a game."teddy said trying to cheer us all.

"Which game?"i asked.

The game is not as simple as it sounded.We need to sit in a circle and one of us will rotate a bottle when it stops the person who is facing the mouth of the bottle will be asked a question by the person who is facing the other end of the bottle.I thought it simple but when the game started it was really hard you will see it for yourself when i explain what happened.

First time when it's rotated jyo asked rahul to prove her how much rahul likes her.Rahul was silent for a second.How can he show his feelings jyo was really mad.Teddy is snickering beside me.I elbowed him.He frowned and remained silent.Rahul walked towards jyo and embraced her and kissed her on the cheek and whispered something in her ears and kissed her gently on the cheeks her cheeks turned bright red.

"Hey,what did you say?"i asked wondering what caused jyo to blush so much.

"There is no rule that says that i should speak aloud what my partner asks for?"he said.

I started to protest but remembered that might be something awkward to tell in front of us all so i let it drop.Next was even more embarassing because it was about me n raj.

"Raj,If a situation comes that you need to save the life of only one person who would that be me or ash and remember the person you save lives and the other.."rahul trailed off.

Raj looked for a sec and most of all teddy is observing raj intently.

"I would save you."he said looking at rahul.

"Don't lie to me.I know you can't leave without ash."rahul said.

"That's the reason why i will save you."he added.

"I don't get it."rahul said.

"See if i save ash,she can never stand seeing jyo gloomy and that would make ash unhappy.If i save you..,"he added,"i will follow her anywhere even to the death.I can't live without her."

I LOVE HIM SO thoughts screamed.My heart ached to hug hi and kiss him but i can't do it in front of all.

This time it's my turn to be asked.Raj whispered something to rahul and he smiled.Something is up.

"Ash,tell me your wishes?"rahul asked.

"Not that one."i said.

"The rule remember you need to answer the question you are asked."he said.

"Okay,i'll tell you but you shouldn't laugh." i said.

The first one is bike ride that i told you earlier.

The second one is waterfall.

The third is a ball.

The fourth is a pet dog like snoopy.(here i turned to give a wink to teddy.)

The fifth is a charitable trust where truly needy one's will be helped for medical reasons.

The sixth is to built an ashram for the old people.

The seventh to achieve something big in my life.

The eighth is to be loved by a person who values me ore than his life.

The ninth is to buy a house that has a view of the beach where my parents will stay when they retire and then me n my hubby.

Everyone were pretty absorbed in what i was saying.I always that i would be a laughable stock if i say my wishes.

"I didn't expect someone like you would think to help the poor people.I mean you are the daughter of a millionarie and you probably don't know what life is outside this walls."rahul exclaimed.

"I know my girl is good." teddy said patting my shoulders.

We put the game to an end since rahul received a call from home.

"Ash,does raj love you?"teddy asked me when raj went to see rahul and jyo off.

I smiled and lowered my head nodding.

"YOU LOVE HIM TOO........"he screamed.

"I Wanted to say you something right form the day i saw you..."he stopped short when he saw raj coming towards us.

What's wrong with him?Why is he overreacting with this?What does he want to tell me?

"I'll talk to you some other time,bye."he added curtly.


Mom got to be kidding.I'm way to stressed with the inter college competition on top of that regular band practise and academics.Now,I'm to organize a party for the new year because my parents wouldn't be back until the same day and it has become a custom for business world to look up to this party since my childhood.What should i do now?It's a relief that raj offered his help to organize the party.

It's only 2 days for the competition and it's decided yesterday that we need to host this event.Now i need to organize some commite.I called on for a meeting during lunch hour.I divided the work amongst for commites.One for hospitality recieving the participants providing the accommodation and looking after their problems.To this i assigned sneha because she is really gentle and always caring towards others and then decoration commite to this i assigned jyo their job is to look after the publicity ,stage decor and then to fix locations for different competition.Raj insisted on helping me with organizing.I assigned teddy  with discipline committe but this is the worst decision i have made coz teddy himself is notorious and playful.
   We worked our best and finally the day has come were our efforts will be proved to be useful.There are more people than we have expected but sneha managed all the people very well.Even raj was helping sneha to accommodate everyone.We were prepared the schedule for the competitions and posted them in the notice boards all over the college.
"Jyo,send some of your committe members to the office block.We need to conduct GD there."i shouted at the top voice on the way running to principal's room.
I have to talk with him.What does he mean by changing the schedule.I gestured raj to follow me.
"Morning,sir,"i wished.
"Oh!You people did great work."he said.
He was trying to find words for something to say but before that he asked us to take a chair.
"There is extra addition to the list of competitions we are conducting."he said eying us carefully.
"There is a competition for even cultural event.I took thhis decision upon the insistion of many students."he added,"you need schedule this event too."

"I think we can arrange for that,sir."i said.
"I like to see your band competing for this."he said smiling.
We nodded and left.Now how should i  reschedule things this is gonna take lot of extra time.I thought.Oh!don't i ever be wrong?Raj my genius boyfriend has solved the problem  in no time.(Didn't i tell you raj is a topper)
"The day rolls at 4 as per the schedule.We can conduct this events on daily basis from 4.30 to 6pm.It will be refreshing and no need to reschedule the events."he said.
"Good."i said impressed.
"I'll see to the design of poster."he added,"take some rest you look stressed up."
"I'm good.Let's get this thing done."i said.
At noon we gathered at the canteen and informed the band that we need to compete.They were delighted.By noon we got the list of the participants for the cultural events.Fortunately or unfortunately there are only two entries for bands and those have already brought there albums into market and been approved  by many people.(It's time we know our worth.I thought).We scheduled it on the last day.As for judges our principal invited the principals of other colleges.It's a panel of six members.
   What did i do to deserve this?Our principal was pissed off when he saw that none of our college girls has enrolled in the dance competition or any other but he was concerned of only dance competition coz there are 6 girls from other colleges and not even one from the host college.I called on a meeting and persuaded each of them to participate but they were all like I'm sorry,nervous to dance in front of the large crowd.

  "Don't persuade them,you dance well.Why don't you compete?"sneha said coming into the class.
"Oh!come on.It's not a one woman show.I can't do anchoring as well as dancing,the same time."i said losing my temper.
"You can."a hoarse voice said.
I turned to look at the speaker.It's our princy(name we gave to our principal).
"All the best."he said and left.

I was panicking how can i manage both at a time?I need to find and additional anchor.Where do i find one.I called for an audition and there were only 10 people auditing and they were no where near to good and i promised to give the best.I managed to find two at last but they said that they have other things to attend to.
Raj was standing there looking concerned.
"Ash,if it's not a problem."he started.
"great."i screamed and hugged him.

I thought of asking raj earlier but raj is in final year and he is having a project working on and he is really helping me a lot with organizing and the band.So  i thought it's better to not to ask him anymore.I don't want him worked up because of me but do i have an alternative now with the event in more than an hour.
I asked sneha and teddy to look after while i am away practising and insisted jyo to come home with me to find a costume.Rahul drove us home.While i practised jyo was busy finding me the dress and the matching jewellery.
 We are 15 min late.I was frantic what would princy say if he finds me missing the duties.By the time we reached the auditorium people were starting to fill up.My eyes sought raj as usual.He was in the middle of the stage cheering the crowd with a few welcome words.He changed into denim jeans and black cottons.He was looking great.I got on to the stage and the cheer that welcomed me was really i great.It felt like i was a rock star and these people are my  mad fans.Raj handed me the mike and he was about to go away.(STAY HERE.PLSSSS.....).The lights were gone and there was a uproar from the crowd.Princy beckoned us he said that we both can be there because it was beautiful that way.(SEE?we are a perfect pair).
  I had a really wonderful working with him.He was very supportive and it felt like conversing with him.All the people performed were really good.Jyo was right at the sound system helping to get my cd into it.
Raj finished announcing my name.The lights went off.Raj came down kissed me on the forehead and wished me all the best.That was the first kiss after confessing my love to him.My body burned with excitement.I didn't know that i was doing really great until i heard the uproar.It was just deafening.Raj was smiling with pride.I don't want any sheilds i am already honored with his sweet smile.
 I went it to the powder room meanwhile raj finished announcing the last paticipant.I was relaxing when raj came in all excited.He took me into his arms and lifted me up kissing me on both the cheeks(I must be  having 108 temp than.My body was like in fire.I'm not kidding.)For two eternal moments i stood there with the familiar scent filling my mind.
  "hey,"jyo said breaking the spell between us.
"You are amazing."rahul said stepping aside from jyo's back.
"Thanks,"i said.
Jyo smiled and embraced me.This was the secret code between me and jyo it says that she is impressed as well.Teddy was shouting at someone while coming into the room.He embraced me(Did i mention that teddy also knows this code because he was long lost best friend of mine and jyo's).It was really different now coz when we used this code we were really small kids and now it's different.right?
 Raj left saying that he has some work to do.Teddy was all praises for me.I told him that i will talk to him after the function.
Guess what?I'm the winner of the dance competition.People were congratulating me on my way to parking lot most of them i guess form other colleges.
 I was so tired that i fell asleep in the car.Raj carried me back to my room.That night i had the dream of raj kissing me on the cheeks and me blushing red.Teddy was standing there with a look of hatred on his face.What was that about?I don't sometimes my dreams are way too weird.
Will there ever be a day in my life that goes without an incident?I was working through the schedules and raj was off to get me a coke.
 "Hey,sweety.Want some coke?"a harsh voice sounded.
It was a boy good looking but was really like a gangster.
"No,thanks,"i said curtly.
"Let's grab a pizza,then."he said.
"I'm not hungry."i replied.
"But i'm starving."
"Go and eat then."i said and whisked off.
That guy was really fast he caught me by the wrist.
"Let me go,"i said.
"Give us company while we eat."he said giving a crooked smile.
"Let her go,"someone said.(God let it be raj.I thought but it was teddy.Okay,someone is better than nothing.)
"Here comes the hero,"he sneered and his gang were laughing.
Teddy was yanking my hand away  from his grip.There was an unexpected blow and then someone was howling.I looked to see who it was?It's teddy he is howling with pain.I tried to reach for him but was in his brutal grip.
"Don't mess with me,"he warned teddy.
"Hey,beauty let him be.You know me,right?"he said.
"No kidding,he is the producer of the star trek band."one of his gangster was saying.(As i said previously star trek is the band that has made albums that were sold in large no)
"Will that make him a god?"raj said.
"How many hero's are there in this coll?"star trek guy asked.
"Leave her alone.."raj said in grim expression.
"Really.Isn't she hot?"he said.
"I feel like kissing her."he said and dragged me even close to him.
I closed my eyes i don't know why i did that but i really missed something i would never see again.The tight grip was loosened and there was another cry of pain.(LET IT NOT BE RAJ......)
 The star trek guy was rolling on the floor crying of pain.I  was stunned.Raj took me into the near by class room.He hauled teddy up and moved us into the room and gave us water.
 Later we complained the principal about the incident and he said he was sorry.When we asked him to remove him under disciplinary action.He said he couldn't because he was the son of one of the powerful trustees of this college.
I was really mad at him and i shouted,"Fine,don't do anything."
" Let's show him that he is nothing in front of us."i said to the band.
We did really great the next day and it's like eternity before other programmes complete and finally the time to announce the results.All of us were eagerly waiting.I know we did well but the star trek's band is well known and already known for it's good music.
   It was a tie between us and trophy is to be shared by both of us.I felt really happy at least we showed him that we are something to be feared of.It was really a good end for the event.I invited the band to my house so that we could celebrate on our success.Everyone of us are bone tired and so only rahul,jyo and teddy accompained us.I invited sneha too though she is not in the band but i took a looking to her these days and she agreed to come with us.
Rahul and jyo followed us in their car.We were happily chatting and i fell asleep on raj's shoulder.When the car skidded to a sudden halt.I woke up to see the star trek band ahead with hockey sticks in their hands and the guy was smirking.Raj was trying to unlock the door when i understood what he was doing.I caught his sleeve.
"Don't.let's go by another way."i said.
He brushed my hands aside.Teddy was out too i shouted at them to come back but in vain.I tried to get out of the car but raj locked it with his keys.What i should do now?What???
Then i saw the mobile and dialled rahul and told him everything.He out bursted with a laugh.What was he a jerk?He noticed my apprehension and said that raj has black belt in karate and that i should feel sorry for the other people.
But i was really worried coz the ratio is 2:10 and teddy is no good at fights i have seen it.
"On our way,ash dnt worry,"jyo said taking the mobile from rahul.
The fight was really exciting rahul was right raj was like real hero warding of the blows and hitting them.Even teddy was having fun hitting and kicking them.One of the guys was coming from the back to hit raj.Teddy or raj none of them saw him coming.He was so close i was shouting but none of them heard.I closed my eyes in pain When i saw the guy aiming his hockey stick.
"Look,"sneha said shaking me.
Rahul has come.The fight ended and they all are down.We went home and i was no mood for the party.Raj said that it would be bad because it's the first sneha came to our house.
It's only a day before that i worked bone-tired now again i have to start working for the party.I need help.Our college was closed for the next two days due to bandh.I called teddy,jyo,rahul and sneha to come home.We all gathered at my doll house.
 I told them about the party.They were really interested to help me.We design a checklist of what to do and when to do?
"We need to design a party theme first."sneha said.(I have observed that sneha is having a crush on teddy and you know teddy he doesn't even know it.)
"yeah,"jyo said.
"It will be a ball."raj said confidently.
"But we don't know anything about it."i said.
"Trust me on this,"he said smiling.
"Good,"teddy said.
"We need to get guests list,"jyo said.
"Mom said she will fax me today."i said.
"Invitation card,"rahul said.
"I'll design it,"raj said.
"I'll help you."teddy said smiling.
"menu,"sneha added.
"I'll look to it."jyo said.
"decoration."i said.
"I have a friend who is a party decorator.I'll call him."teddy said.
"Costumes."jyo said.
"We need to find a designer."i said.
"Leave that to me."sneha added,"but i need to see the designs of ball gowns."
"I'll mail you."raj said.
"okay,where do we start first?"i asked.
"I think with costumes coz that takes much time."sneha said.
"Ok then let's go for shopping."i said.
"money?"sneha said tentatively.
"I'm given full access to my credit card this week."i said.(Mom gave permission to use the cards since the party is the matter of our pride)
"Guys,come on let's go shopping."sneha said.
"I have some work to do.Rahul will come with you."teddy said hurrying towards the door.
"I need to call my mom."rahul said and hurried away.
"Um...I can come."raj added tentatively.
"It's ok.We will take suresh you design the invitation card."i said.(I know going shopping with gals is not a easy thing.It's like we take hours n hours of time.)
I downloaded some pictures of ball gowns and showed the to sneha.She prepared a list of all the things to buy.(Sneha was  good at designing clothes.I should have known it her clothes were like in different models but i thought she brought them too like me.)It took us exactly 4 hours to finish our shopping.By the time we returned boys were busy with invitation cards design.
"How did the work go guys?" i asked .
They showed me the invitation.I should appreciate them it's really wonderful.It's like a book model.At the front page there is a picture of a boy n girl holding their  hands together dressed in old fashion.Inside the card the theme is printed in bold letters and matter and then venue and all.We got the cards printed and sent them to all the members in the list.Days passed by and we are becoming more restless with the work.I invited in all my classmates and band members.It's the first time i've ever invited outsiders to my home.
  Finally the day has come and mom and dad are back home.I insisted sneha to design a gown even for mom.That's really a good idea because we didn't have much time to go shopping.Mom was having different questions about the party but i told her to relax "all is well planned."She took me to my word and never interrupted interrupted me once with a question.Raj has chosen a list  of songs to be played.
  Me and jyo were busy ordering the decorators when sneha came with our dresses.
"Go on,get ready.It's  high time."raj said.
"We'll take care from here."teddy said.
We got into my room when sneha took out the dresses from the safely wrapped covers we were speechless
Believe me they are like gowns of cinderella,sleeping beauty and other fairy princess.
"You are amazing,"i exclaimed.
"If you have given me more time.I could have designed it better."she said.
"No kidding,they are great."jyo said all surprised.
I sent one gown to mama and she called right at that instant.
"Oh!honey where did you buy it?"she added,"It's...."
"I know mom but i didn't buy it sneha designed it for you."i said.
"Really?put me to her darling."she said.
I handed her the receiver.I couldn't hear what mom said but i saw sneha blushing.(May be she was praising.I thought)
We helped each other to get into the dress and do our hairstyle.I looked like a princess out of the fairyland.
We went down the stairs everyone were in gowns but not like us.We went through to find our friends.There they are rahul,teddy,arun and few our classmates but where is raj????
I waved them all and went in search of him.He was no where to be seen.May be he is in his room.I was about to knock the door but the door was slightly open so i went in calling his name.He is right before the mirror in armani suit(black).On seeing me he closed the distance between us in one stride.
He took my hands into his and said,"Angel."
I said nothing but embraced him taking in my favourite fragrance.We stood there for one long moment when teddy came bursting into the room.
"I'm sorry."he said.
Raj said he had some work and went away.I turned to leave but teddy caught my hand.
"I have something to say,"he said.
"Not now."i said frustrated for stealing my precious moment.
"I love you.."he said.
"What?are you out of mind?"i shouted.
"Certainly not."he said.
"Then what's all this about?"i said irritated.
"Teddy,I love you too but only as a brother.My heart is set on someone else."i said seeing him unhappy.
"I know now but i thought i should say that i have this feeling for you."he sighed.
"I' sorry teddy.You are a good guy you will find someone who loves you more than her life."i said.
He sighed and left.Apart from this the party was a great success and above all it opened doors to a new world to all of us.Mom introduced sneha to Mrs.singhania the top most designer in india.She was really impressed by sneha's work and they had a long chat.
 Where as for us.When pop introduced me to the sony chairman.I was suddenly struck by an idea.I got all my band members assembled and told them what my idea was.They all readily agreed to my plan.
11.50 we shut all the lights down and then slowly my voice echoed and then the roll of drums and then slowly music began to pour.There was dumb silence all over.Our song ended and there was a huge uproar that didn't die down until we all shouted
 When everyone were busy wishing others someone caught me by the hand.
"Come with me."chairman of sony company said.
I followed him and he was all praises for me and the troop and the best of all the new year gifts is that we are enrolled into the international competition for the best band ever.Wow!that's great.I half-expected it to happen when i laid out my plan to the band.
Mom called me when i was sharing the news with my friends.
"I'm sorry.I didn't tell you about this."i said remembering how i didn't mention about the band to her.
"It seems that you are hiding many things from mama now-a-days."she said eying raj.
"We are really proud of you my child."pop said.
"I'm glad,you chose him."mom whispered.
I'm glad teddy is an easy going guy.It was like that weird conversation has not happened at all.We are to compete startrek on first level this june.We

made rigorous practise in the months of jan and feb.March we concentrated on our studies because it's high time for our exams.
   Our time table for exams is scheduled and (HELL!!!)I'm having the last exam on my b'day.Sneha and jyo stayed at my home for combined

preparation.We all did well in the exams.
  I took the last exam and got back to home in college bus.Raj's car is not in the parking lot.May be he is having a party with his friends afterall they are

gonna leave this college.(Will he leave my home too?where will he go now?What was his future plans?)I was so immersed in his thoughts that i barely

noticed jyo and sneha getting down with me in my bus stop.
 "I thought you went home."i said when i finally noticed them both.
"We left somethings here yesterday."they chorused.
"Oh!"i said dumbly.
When i entered home housekeeper opened the door.As soon as i made my first step into the house.Snow was shoveres all over me and about 15 voices

It's my birthday and they are here to celebrate it.Mom and pop are here too.Oh!nana is here too.They all greeted me.(Nana's mom has passed away so

she was to take care of the younger one's and her home.She resigned the job long ago but today it's my birthday so she came to greet me which is very

nice of her).The party was really a great surprise and above all the gift i got from raj is very much of a surprise.
  He took me into my room closing my eyes.Sleeping on the carpet was a cute little puppy.A palmarian with small black spots here and there on it's

white coat.I lifted it into my hands.It yawned and was licking my hands.I named it snoopy at once.
  Life is full of funny things.After the exams we all started practise again and finally the day has come.I felt really nervous could i make it?
  Star trek has performed and the cheer was very good.I felt chills running down through my spines.What if i don't perform well?All the time that our

team members has put in will be wasted.They are calling for us but my legs were unable to make a step forward all others are seemed to be quite at

  Raj was having a chat with the others.Teddy noticed my apprehension and squeezed my arms gently and said
"You are gonna do great.Believe in yourself."he said.
I went on to the stage still trembling and raj caught my hands squeezed and smiled and then my tension eased.We did remarkably well and the cheer

was great too.
 It's time they announced who will be going to the finals.What if it was a tie like the last time?WOrse than that what if we lose?I pushed that thought

aside.A Few more seconds and it's done for ever.
Yes we did it and the best of all is by the time they announced it and we were out the sky went completely dark with clouds.If it's gonna it'll be the first

drizzle and the best of all the celebration of our little success.
When raj saw the sky he was lost in thoughts for a moment and then said that he has to go and see teddy.So,i stood there waiting for him.
  We were walking past our car.
"We passed by our car."i said.
"really?"raj said.
He asked me to wait there and in a moment he was there riding the bike of teddy.Now,i know what he was upto.It was the most wonderful moment in

my life.I will never have another ride like that in my life.
  I called mama to tell about the competition but she didn't respond.She didn't even call me back.
The next day was the same there is no response.Pop called me the following noon.
"how are you?"i asked.
"Mom won't answer my calls what happened?"i asked.
"I'll come by evening."he said and beep the phone went off.
What happened dad's voice seemed to be gloomy and where is mama?
 Mom is no could that be?It was as if yesterday that she was talking to me through phone.I can feel her still the same.When pop said that

mom passed away in a car accident.I thought he was kidding but how nice it could be if it is really so?Though mom never stayed much at home the short

moments we had each other were really so close to my heart.It's like with mom my soul is gone too.I couldn't barely eat anything or couldn't laugh at

  Pop was completely depressed.He was not taking care of anything.Life seemed to be miserable.I wish god has taken me to along with her.Days

passed by still there is no change in the gloom that filled around us.
  Raj tried his best to cheer me up but i stayed close to him but lost in pathos.Nothing could change this.It's the end of all my happydays i thought.
  One day while i was sitting in the garden thinking about how mom used to be so desperate to watch the gardener plant new trees a parcel arrived for

  I recieved it and it was to me from mom sent on the very date of her...I opened it.
It's a dairy and there is a letter with it.
 I am very proud of you.You take after me in all aspects.I used to write poems too when i'm of your age.When i saw you that day i thought of my

childhood and remembered that i had a similar collection of poems as you did.I decided at that very instant that i should find them and gift it you.So,here

it is.This is the path i would have chosen if i am as wise you are now.I'm glad at least you would be what i aspired to become one day.
    All the best

                                                                                                                                                                                 With love,

I opened the dairy.I have gone through every page and when i came to the end.The verse was really beautiful
  Life is a game
  Play it all the same
  Win or lose
  always sth to gain.
I thought about it for a moment.Mom was right life is a game and i have to play it.I can't stop it in the middle it would be coward to do and i'm not raised

as a coward.I'll fulfill the dream of my mom.I'll bring her back her to life through my songs.I carefully folded the paper and went into raj's room.
He was standing near by the balcony.
  "When are we going to start practise.We hardly have 10 days."i said.
"Ash.."raj said and embraced me.
Tears trickled and mom's face flashed in my memory.I'm doing it for you and for myself.I thought.
"Call them all and ask them to come home by noon."I said.
I don't want him to say anything because i would lose my composure.
I went to pop's room he was sitting in the chair lost in thoughts.
"Pop,"i called.
"I know how you about what happened but do you think mom would be happy seeing you this way."i said.
He raised his eyebrows.
Mom was never a person to see people suffering.Will she be able to rest in peace(At this i sucked in the air unable to form the words) if she sees you

like this?She would want us to move on doing all that she wanted to do.Which is what i' going to do now.I said and placed the book and letter in his

hands.He gone through the letter.
"You are right,"he said.
"The last thing she ever asked me was to take care of you."he said and embraced me.
 The day has come when i'm about to fulfill my mom's dreams.This time there is no tension because i know that mom would help me through this.
I sang her song
Life is a game...
It was applauded well.
We win...
The reporters were  all over us when we got out of the studio.
"How do you feel to achieve this  award?"someone shouted.
"Who wrote those songs?"someone asked.
"The previous one's were written by me but today it's my mom's"i said.
"Do you miss her?"someone asked.
I flinched at this question but raj squeezed my hands.I regained my conscious and said,"She is always with me."
And then they turned their attention to raj but he ignored them and escorted me to the car.
The next day a few of the companies asked me and raj to be the brand ambassadors of their products.We agreed.
I constructed an orphanage and transmitted all the amounts i received to the people in it.
Raj finished his mba in near by college and now he is looking after our business.We are going to be engaged in the next week.
Jyo's parents to give her hand in marriage to rahul.Rahul is looking after his father's business.
Sneha has became a famous designer(Thanks to mom for introducing her to Mrs.Singhania).I'm sorry i didn't mention that sneha and teddy are in love

with each other.Teddy did his mba and is running his own business school.Hope they will get married soon.
  As per me i'm busy running the orphanage that was named AMMA.
Though we are busy with our own lives we still get together sometimes and make albums.We were wild crackers of yesterday,we are the wild crackers

of today and we will be the wild crackers of tomorrow.
     By the way my friends are donating 40% of their salary to help me run the orphanage.


  1. chala bagundi. keep it up. complete it as early as possible

  2. it was nice reading how 9 wishes come true excellent........